This message comes today as many of us have been considering starting our own business but self doubts make us hesitate.

The angels are assuring us that we have all the skills and motivation to make our chosen venture work and they will be our team mates and co workers guiding us to success in all ways.

So lets pluck up the courage and go chase our dreams!!!!

Lots of love



Let go of our past!

Our whisper today is let go of our past.

We often repeat patterns from our past which hold us back from fully living and enjoying the now.

We keep going over in our minds things that have happened and re live times and wish we had done it different.

Well, this is the time to let it all go.

If we try to accept that whats done is done, we can’t go back and change anything now.  These times from the past have made us who we are, they have given us valuable lessons and wisdom.

So, lets thank the past for what we have learned, take only the love and the lessons and decide today is the day I start anew!

Love and loads of light.


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Guidance through the power of prayer

Our whisper today comes from Archangel Sandalphon, Sandalphon is the Guardian Angel of Prayer.

Sandalphon provides us with guidance on our spiritual quest.  It doesnt matter if we pray in a church or informally when walking down the street or driving the car, Sandalphon is always there when we need him.

Sandalphon asks that we listen for his guidance, allowing him to direct our footsteps from time to time, he will show us signs from nature or through books and songs and in our dreams.

Look out for feathers in your path and crimson and purple flowers, these are signs that Sandalphon uses to let us know he is there guiding us along our way.






Archangel Michael

I have done this post a little different today as a good friend of mine and her family are suffering a severe loss at the moment and I wanted to ask the angels to guide them through this very tough time.

I asked the angels who would be best to help heal the hearts of all the people involved and without hesitation and loud and clear in my head was Michael.

Archangel Michael with his dazzling beam of gold strengthening and protecting us can help dissolve hurt from our lives.

Michael has a blue energy ray which brings us comfort and support at all times but especially in situations that are beyond our understanding or control.

Together with Archangel Michael we can open a path of light on our way towards freedom from hurt and heartache.

I kindly asked Archangel Michael to look out for everyone that is suffering a loss at the moment and to please help them with strength at this time of need.

Love and light and lets appreciate every moment


Start working to achieve your hearts desire.

Our whisper today comes from Archangel Pagiel who is here to assist us with achieving our hearts desire.

Pagiel brings love and support to help us fulfil our innermost dreams.

Once we are ready to commit heart and soul to our venture things will start to happen.  It may take a little time but step by step the angels including Pagiel will be there to help.

By letting the angels unconditional love be our guide and by being flexible and open, wonderful things are possible.



Nature’s Beauty

Our whisper for today comes from Archangel Sachluph who is the guardian angel of plants.

Sachluph is asking that we see the perfection in the petals on flowers, the shape of the leaves om plants nd witness how they soften and enhance our surroundings.  Even just looking out to the green countryside is a healing experience.

If it’s not possible for us to look out to the country every day then even just having one plant to care for can lift our thoughts.  The growth and health of the plant will be very pleasing to us.

Archangel Sachluph is the angel that helps us to cultivate plants and flowers of all colours and textures and we can call upon him at any time for help in the garden or with our house plants.

Have a wonderful day!



Recognise the beauty

Our whisper for today is to recognise and appreciate all beauty.

The beauty within every person, every living creature, the beauty within every moment and the beauty within life itself.

This message comes from Archangel Haniel, Haniel is the guardian angel for the day Friday and the planet Venus.

Haniel can help with healing and opening your heart.

Haniel is waiting patiently for any requests of assistance!

Have a lovely day!


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