We may be experiencing an emotional time with a family member which the angels assure us they can help us to understand and heal.

If we imagine the person, ourself and the experience surrounded by calming blue light and many angels this will help to bring harmony to all involved.

This message also comes as a reminder to spend more time together as a family, enjoying each others company, laughing and talking.

Either way, lets take a little time today to appreciate the most important people in our life and all that they do for us.


Lots of love






This message comes today as many of us have been considering starting our own business but self doubts make us hesitate.

The angels are assuring us that we have all the skills and motivation to make our chosen venture work and they will be our team mates and co workers guiding us to success in all ways.

So lets pluck up the courage and go chase our dreams!!!!

Lots of love



Our whisper for today is about our relationships.

This message signals that we are entering a more positive phase in our close relationships. Probably the first one that comes to mind when you read this.

Well, we are now out of the woods and heading for a place filled with beauty and light, we just need to hang on in there a little longer!

Have a lovely day!


Let go of our past!

Our whisper today is let go of our past.

We often repeat patterns from our past which hold us back from fully living and enjoying the now.

We keep going over in our minds things that have happened and re live times and wish we had done it different.

Well, this is the time to let it all go.

If we try to accept that whats done is done, we can’t go back and change anything now.  These times from the past have made us who we are, they have given us valuable lessons and wisdom.

So, lets thank the past for what we have learned, take only the love and the lessons and decide today is the day I start anew!

Love and loads of light.


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