Archangel Michael

I have done this post a little different today as a good friend of mine and her family are suffering a severe loss at the moment and I wanted to ask the angels to guide them through this very tough time.

I asked the angels who would be best to help heal the hearts of all the people involved and without hesitation and loud and clear in my head was Michael.

Archangel Michael with his dazzling beam of gold strengthening and protecting us can help dissolve hurt from our lives.

Michael has a blue energy ray which brings us comfort and support at all times but especially in situations that are beyond our understanding or control.

Together with Archangel Michael we can open a path of light on our way towards freedom from hurt and heartache.

I kindly asked Archangel Michael to look out for everyone that is suffering a loss at the moment and to please help them with strength at this time of need.

Love and light and lets appreciate every moment



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