Todays whisper………Be honest with yourself

Todays message from the angels is to be honest with ourselves.  We need to look into our hearts and we will know the truth of the situation.

Its safe for us to admit the truth to ourselves, for the angels will support and guide us through any necessary changes.

We need to focus only on our true desires and they will come to us upon angels wings.

This message is a gentle confrontation because the angels know we hide from our true feelings. We feel that if we admit to ourselves how we honestly feel we will be faced with making changes we feel unprepared for.

The angels are assuring us that it is healthiest to face these situations honestly and they can help with emotions, relationships and any support we need to make positive change.

The angels are reminding us to focus only upon our desires and not upon our fears so that we can attract the former and not the latter.




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