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Todays whisper………Be honest with yourself

Todays message from the angels is to be honest with ourselves.  We need to look into our hearts and we will know the truth of the situation.

Its safe for us to admit the truth to ourselves, for the angels will support and guide us through any necessary changes.

We need to focus only on our true desires and they will come to us upon angels wings.

This message is a gentle confrontation because the angels know we hide from our true feelings. We feel that if we admit to ourselves how we honestly feel we will be faced with making changes we feel unprepared for.

The angels are assuring us that it is healthiest to face these situations honestly and they can help with emotions, relationships and any support we need to make positive change.

The angels are reminding us to focus only upon our desires and not upon our fears so that we can attract the former and not the latter.




Todays whisper……..Entrepreneur

The angels are saying to us today that self employment suits our disposition and intentions. Working for ourselves allows us to follow our intuition. The angles are our co workers and team mates who remain loyal by our side.

We all have the ideas, drive and self-discipline required for entrepreneurial work, yet self doubts make us hesitate.

We have assurance from the angels that we have what it takes to succeed, they will guide and support us along the way and if we follow through on this action our success is guaranteed.




Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and bank holiday Monday xxxx

Todays whisper is………Assertiveness

The angels are telling us today that situations can be healed gently and with love, but there is also a need for our truthfulness with other people involved. The angels will stand right behind us as we speak our truth, giving strength and guiding our words.

This message came through today as on occasions we can feel a bit victimised, the angels are saying that experiences like these can be easily rectified by clearly communication our needs and expectations to others.

It IS possible to be both angelic and assertive if we call upon the angels for courage and guidance, with practice loving assertiveness becomes much easier.




Todays whisper………Change in direction

The angels are saying today that the changes we are experiencing are divinely directed by our new-born willingness to open our hearts to their guidance.

This message comes to us as we have had a change of heart that has altered the directions of our life in a positive way. Old ways of living are no longer of interest and we will be avoiding friends and pastimes that previously attracted us.  We now desire a lifestyle and career to better fit our new interests and passions.

The angels are guiding us through this journey and the Law of Attraction ensures we will manifest wonderful new opportunities and relationships.

We are fully protected now and in the future, so follow the path to the happy outcome we desire.

We are beginning a new chapter in our lives!!




Today’s whisper……Ask

The angels are telling us today to ask them to help in any situation and they will immediately go to work on our behalf.

They are reminding us to ask for help more often as they can help in all areas of our lives, including bringing ideas, courage, confidence and clarity.  They can also help with material need such as money, time, health and vitality.

We can request help for everything no matter how small or large.

The angels are patiently awaiting our requests.




Todays whisper……..Cupid

The angels are sending great waves of love into our hearts and mind, awakening our love for life itself. 

The angels say that romance springs from falling in love with life, when you awaken this love within you, we naturally attract and experience more romance and love in our relationships.

The angels are asking that we surround ourselves with romantic beauty such as flowers and candles and give up any emotional hurt and painful attachments .



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