Todays whisper……..Innocence

Everyone is free from guilt in truth. The angles are asking that we give them our feelings of heaviness so they can lighten our load. Hand over guilt, anger or blame that may shroud our loving outook so we can enjoy peace once more.

Guilt has the lowest vibrations of all emotions which in turn attracts negativity. If we are judging anyone elses guilt, this message is a reminder to see the goodness within them.  We don’t have to continue relationships with people we don’t trust however it is necessary to purge toxic thoughts and emotions for our own well-being.

The angels are asking us to consider that any arguments or misunderstandings were simply an innocent mistake…..


K x



Todays whisper is………Wedding

Looks like a wedding is on the cards today!                                                                                                                                                             

This message is full of love and positive energy.  There is either a wedding in the near future or the angels are suggesting a renewal of vows to keep the romance alive in your present marriage.

Other meanings could be a little push to discuss the topic of marriage with your partner or you could receive a romantic or business proposal soon.

Either way there is love all around today!!!!

Fresh Air

Todays whisper is…….Fresh Air

Today the angels are asking us to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air.  Where you can, spend some time walking in nature and take long deep breaths.

Open the windows to your home and office to let the stale air be replaced by fresh air and keep plenty of plants around to ensure a steady circulation of oxygen.


K x


Todays whisper is Listen…….

The angels are kindly asking us to take a little time out today to listen, to take some time away from tv, radio and the noise of daily life to hear any message that are trying to get through.

Within this quiet time give all your fears and worries to the angels and trust that they have been heard.



Let me know how your day goes 🙂

Time to go

Todays whisper….Time to go

There is nothing alarming about this message, it’s just a gentle nudge to help you to see that its time to go,you will probably already have an idea of the situation being refered to,possibly your job,home, relationship or any part of your life that you may have outgrown. You may have hesitated in the past due to loyalties or fears but don’t fear the angels assure us that its the best way.

Work closely with the angels during this transition period to ensure harmony for everyone concerned. Surrender any guilt or other negative emotions to the angels  as your energy needs to stay high.

The sun rises and sets each day and its the same with the avenues in your life.  See the beauty within each sunset in your life and know that the sun will rise again tomorrow. Endings are merely the start of a new beginning and the angels are with us through each phase and cycle.




Todays whisper is Play…..

Its time to set aside work for a while, stress, strains and the fast pace of life make us forget that we are all children at heart and need to have fun to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The angels see that we have been working and worrying a lot lately and our souls cry out for fun. Feeling of fatigue, irribility or depression are signs that some playtime is well overdue.

Laughter and playfullness lift our energies so that we can return to our responsibilties with a renewd perspective and heightened energy.

There is no need for us to set aside time or spend money to have fun, inject fun into your life today, laughing with a coleague or friend or watching a funny movie.

Fun and play are necesarry parts of life for both children and adults. So, stop what you are doing and have fun right now. We all deserve happiness, pleasure and enjoyment.

Release any guilt about having fun to the angels and keep the games and sports fun and noncompetitve.